Supply of Ventilation System for the Antiproton Decelerator…

Kategoria przetargu: Optyka, fotonika, kriogenika, technologie próżniowe, technologie gazów

Market survey: Refer to MS-4401/EN


Oryginalna treść ogłoszenia:

Supply of Ventilation System for the Antiproton Decelerator target areas from a newly constructed building 196, including ductwork in two shafts and tunnel (01030201, 01030501)

CERN intends to place a contract for the supply of a Ventilation System for a radioactive area, an access tunnel and the newly constructed building 196 with its two shafts and a 100 m long tunnel on The French territory. The supply shall include four Air Handling Units equipped with separate heat pump (two 6800 m3/h, 7500 m3/h, 1500 m3/h).

Interested firms shall have a proven experience in the design, supply and installation of ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) systems in industrial premises for a flow rate up to 20 000 m3/h.

Market Survey scheduled for dispatch: Refer to MS-4401/EN

Invitation to Tender scheduled to dispatch: Fourth quarter 2019

Contacts and Interest in being contacted:

To express an interest please send an e-mail to
Technically: A. Broche
Commercially: B. Jenssen


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