Supply of metallized polypropylene capacitors

Kategoria przetargu: Inżynieria elektroniczna, elektronika, inżynieria mechaniczna, inżynieria materiałowa

Market survey: IV kwartał 2019


Oryginalna treść ogłoszenia:

Supply of metallized polypropylene capacitors (02100300)

CERN intend to place a contract for the supply of 160 metallized polypropylene capacitors to be installed in the CLIQ (Coupling-Loss induced Quench) units for the High Luminosity Project. The capacitors shall have a capacitance of 40 mF, with a rated voltage of at least 1000 VDC, a maximum peak current of 10 kA and low self-inductance (< 0.3 uH) and series resistance (< 1 mohm). The supply shall include the design, manufacture acceptance tests.

Interested firms shall have a proven experience and competence in the field of metallized polypropylene capacitors.

Market Survey scheduled for dispatch: Fourth quarter 2019

Invitation to Tender scheduled to dispatch: Second quarter 2020

Contacts and Interest in being contacted:

To express an interest please send an e-mail to
Technically:  D. Carrillo Barrera
Commercially: N. Azizi


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