Request for information: Supply of Electronics Cabinets for the ELT M1 Cell

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Inżynieria elektroniczna, elektronika, inżynieria mechaniczna, inżynieria materiałowa

Data ogłoszenia postępowania:
IV kwartał 2019 r.


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This Request for Information relates to the supply contract for the 138 (+spares) M1 Electronics Cabinets.

The 798 mirror segments of the ELT Primary Mirror are actively controlled to maintain their relative position. The control system required to coordinate this positioning requires electronics, communication and cooling infrastructure housed in a distributed array of electronics cabinets (M1 Electronics Cabinets) in the back structure of the primary mirror.

The majority of cabinets are closed 800x800x800mm (h x w x d) in size housing electronics, power supplies and heat exchangers.

The supplier shall take ownership of the existing advanced conceptual design of the cabinets, industrialize the design maintaining the performance and interface requirements and elaborate as needed for manufacturing.

The contractor shall deliver (Ex Works) all cabinets as assembled and verified units containing all internal equipment, electronics, cooling elements and interfaces for mounting and connection to infrastructure (power, data, cooling).

The Call for Tender is expected to be issued in Q1/2018 to companies in ESO Member States and Brazil/Chile.

Request for Information

Released on:  21.07.2017

Closing date: 17.08.2017

Call for tender: 4th Qtr. 2019


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