The Poland@CERN 2019 mission was organized by the Wrocław Technology Park (WPT) and the National Center for Research and Development. Representatives of companies carrying out orders for CERN and those that were just planning to start such cooperation, together with an industrial connector (i.e. ILO – Industrial Liaison Officer) from CERN, went to Geneva on April 2, 2019, where CERN headquarters is located. For three days they will take part in lectures and networking meetings to develop the cooperation of Polish business with the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Over 20 companies and institutions associated with various specialties of the high-tech sector took part in the mission, including cryogenics, through electronics, IT, optics, photonics to nuclear power and quantum physics. CERN presentations were made by specialists from the purchasing department, technology transfer and engineers working directly on projects related to, among others with the activity of a team of accelerators, which are the center of activity of this research institution.

The mission has been positively evaluated by both Polish participants and CERN representatives. Further editions are already planned.

Poland@CERN 2019 – business meets science

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CERN about Polish business – what potential does Poland@CERN 2019 have?

Poland@CERN 2019 was a special event for the development of cooperation between the Polish scientific and business community and the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Thematic sessions and B2B meetings during Poland@CERN were an opportunity to evaluate and expand it.


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