Motion Systems Michał Stanek

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Branża: MechanikaNowe technologieProdukcja maszyn i urządzeńScientific InstrumentationTechnologie przemysłowe

Specjalizacja: Inne

Rodzaj działalności: InneProdukcjaR&D

Kraj: Polska

Współpraca z Instytucjami Big Science: Inne

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Motion Systems located in Poland has been designing and producing motion platforms and simulator components for a decade. Since establishing the company, we provide our customers with innovative professional motion systems. Our platforms offer top - notch performance and unique design which has placed us as a trusted partner for professional applications both in Poland and internationally.
We are a young and dynamic organization with great ambitions. Working on our own technology, we are gradually building our position on the international market. Our R&D works based on our own ideas and careful observation of the markets enable us to constantly increase the range of sales volume and products portfolio.
Across the international market we support from small-scale partners to large industry leading global corporations. providing the same highest quality of services.
Regardless of the size and scope of the project, we put the same amount of attention into every detail and activities we deal with.

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Motion Systems Michał Stanek

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