Framework Contract for Building Metal-Supports…

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Deadline: 27/07/2019 r.

Original text of ITER annoucment:

Framework Contract for Building Metal-Supports for Diagnostic Systems

ITER Diagnostic Systems require metal-supports in the tokamak buildings infrastructure, on several levels (floors). Several diagnostic systems make use of transmission lines running from the equipment located in an auxiliary building to the port plugs, passing through wall openings and crossing the gallery and port cells. Transmission lines are generally sustained by these supports fastened to the embedded plates on the ceiling of the buildings.

This framework contract covers the procurement of supports for diagnostic systems. It shall cover:
– The support structure
– The fixation adapter to the embedded plate.
The material use for the supports is construction steel with a protection against rust.


Technical Summary

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How to apply?

ITER Call for Tender is a staged procurement process for high value contracts as described below:

  • Stage 1: Call for Nomination, where Domestic Agencies are formally requested to provide the names of potential candidates. The candidates shall liaise with relevant Domestic Agencies to express their interest for a required supplies, services or works. The IO could also add a potential candidate if needed after having informed the DA.
  • Stage 2: Pre-qualification, where the IO will establish a list of qualified suppliers amongst the nominated entities, based on specific selection criteria. All nominated companies receive the pre-qualification package.
  • Stage 3: Call for Tender, where only the pre-qualified candidates will receive the tender package from IO. Tenderers shall submit offers in response to the Call for Tender package composed of Instructions to Tenderers, IO Technical Specifications, Special and General Conditions of Contracts. The evaluation of the tenders submitted has two steps: first the technical offers are evaluated with respect to the award criteria indicated in the Instructions to Tenderers and only those obtaining scores higher than the technical threshold indicated shall be considered for the financial evaluation. The financial evaluation is based either on the combined quality and price scoring mechanism (best value) or on the cheapest technical compliant offer.Source: ITER website

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