When science meets Big Science 

The institutions of Big Science such as CERN, ESA, ESS, ESO and F4E offer students, universities and educational institutions a range of options for collaboration. They make it possible for teams of researchers to conduct experiments with the use of unique and technologically advanced research facilities. Some of the institutions award grants that provide financing for them.


Universities and scientific institutes play a key role in innovative, knowledge-based economy. Big Science projects and innovative activities performed by companies in relation to Big Science give them an opportunity to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship. By becoming open to cooperation with the market they can:

  • obtain funding for their own R&D activities;
  • commercialise their research outcomes;
  • transfer technology to industry and shaping its development;
  • establish cooperation at the level of consortia or clusters which integrate science and business;
  • shape the labour market by educating highly qualified employees.


The current growth of local, national and global  markets is driven by the implementation of innovation. To ensure it proceeds smoothly, the right conditions much be fostered, which include access to knowledge and new technologies, extensive R&D facilities and highly qualified human resources. These aspects of the offer of universities and scientific institutions constitute a key value in the high-tech market, also the Big Science market. They can present their offer by registering with the BIG SCIENCE HUB.



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