The investment potential of Big Science


Big Science centres are, most frequently, international organisations in the development of which their member countries invest. The investment potential of the Big Science market is not only related to benefits from the activity of this type of institutions (e.g. access to cheap energy), but it is also associated with the growing value of economies to which the technologies applied in it are transferred.

Innovations are the basis for the development of nearly every sector of economy. Big Science is their important source and catalyst. Companies that establish partnership with centres such as CERN, ESS, ESO or F4E have immense potential for the commercialisation of products or technologies developed there.  Such an investment may bring great profits and ensure competitive advantage in the future.

The market of Big Science sets the trends in the development of new technologies. Commercialised solutions developed as part of scientific experiments represent the areas of multi-billion market value. Solutions originating from Big Science include the WWW protocol, Wi-Fi, carbon dioxide detection systems, 3D printers or software for autonomous vehicles.

The Big Science market may bring a number of benefits to investors who seek possibilities of assigning their capital to promising undertakings. To achieve these benefits, they may:

  • search for companies at different stages of development (from startups to booming SMEs) that cooperate with the Big Science market and are in possession of know-how that may be commercialised to bring large benefits;
  • observe trends in the Big Science market to choose promising investment areas;
  • use the know-how and R&D facilities of entities operating in the Big Science market during the implementation of innovative solutions in industry and business;
  • monitor the programmes of national and regional intelligent specialisations which provide hints to investors and stimulate the implementation of modern technologies on local markets – their considerable part is directly or indirectly related to the projects of Big Science.



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