Perspectiva Solutions Sp. z o.o

Our company is small and medium-volume manufacturer of custom cable harnesses. We are able to deliver not only standard solutions but we also specialize in customized harnesses. Our assemblies are perfect choice in particular in such industry branches as: professional...

PIAP Space sp. z o.o.

PIAP Space is a spin-off company for space industry activities, set up by PIAP Institute. The company specializes in: robotics, automatics and mechanics. PIAP Space develops and offers technologies and products in areas like: Robotics Arms and End-Effectors for on Orbit...

Pulver Machining And Coating Jacek Tomczak

Company Pulver Machining and Coating exists on local market since 1991.
We are specialized in precise CNC machining of aluminum but we can machine copper, brass, bronze, Inox steel and plastics.
In coatings department we can offer all kinds of ceramic and metallic...

S2Innovation Sp. z o.o.

S2Innovaton is specialized in the design and implementation of data acquision and control controls systems at research centers and industry. We use TANGO Controls (, EPICS (, LabVIEW (

Sam Dong Europe

Sam Dong Co., Ltd. (Hereafter, Sam Dong) established in 1977 produces oxygen-free high conductivity (OFHC) copper and various metal-based wires. Especially, the Sam Dong has been providing the highest quality magnet wire products and services for heavy industry customers....

SatRevolution S.A.

SatRevolution is a 100% Poland-owned company founded in July 2016 to be involved in a space industry. The space industry is very demanding for newest technologies used in spacecrafts. Nowadays most of the spacecrafts are relatively heavy and huge. SatRevolution wants to...

Logotypy UE

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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