SatRevolution S.A.

Type: Company

Sector: Space sector

Specialisation: Satellite data collection, transmission and processingSpace industry technologies

Type of activity: Startup

Country: Poland

Cooperation with Big Science: ESAOther

Main info

SatRevolution is a 100% Poland-owned company founded in July 2016 to be involved in a space industry. The space industry is very demanding for newest technologies used in spacecrafts. Nowadays most of the spacecrafts are relatively heavy and huge. SatRevolution wants to change the way of building the spacecrafts. SatRevolution is focused on small, lightweight and reliable spacecrafts. Currently the company is mainly focused on building nanosatellites. Actually our team is composed of ten people, mainly engineers, with experience of developing applications in harsh environments. In the meantime we recruit new engineers and teach them how to be able to make more sophisticated projects. Partner of SatRevolution S.A. is the Wroclaw Research Centre EIT +, Poland's largest research and development center.


SatRevolution S.A.

Stabłowicka 147 3
54-066 Wrocław

+48 533325851