Support Laboratory for the Disruption Mitigation System

Category: Civil engineering, construction, technical services
Deadline: 18/01/2020 r.



Support Laboratory for the Disruption Mitigation System

The purpose of this Contract is to design, to construct, to install and to operate devices in a laboratory to support the design of the ITER Disruption Mitigation System (DMS) by developing and testing various concepts for injecting large amounts of materials rapidly into a plasma. The Support Laboratory should comprise of various test benches to study technologies related to Shattered Pellet Injection (SPI) and other novel methods, potentially proposed in the future. The Support Lab is expected to carry out specific studies as defined by the technology group of the DMS Task Force. The installations will include vacuum, cryogenic and electrical components, various diagnostics including methods based on optical and microwave technologies and hardware required for data acquisition.


Technical summary

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