ODIN Experimental Cave

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28/04/2020 r.

Oryginal annauncment:

ODIN Experimental Cave

ESS is requesting suppliers to submit tenders in order to conclude an agreement for the design, construction and erection of the ODIN Experimental Cave. The experimental cave is basically a concrete and steel structure that provides the biological shielding to personnel standing outside its walls while the neutron shutters allow the beam inside the cave.
The project has been split into seven units to help structure the requirements and stage deliveries.

Last tender day: 

This is a public call for tenders. The final date for submitting tenders is 2020-04-28. Tenders must be valid until 2020-07-28. You can find more information by clicking Contract documents in the menu on the left and under the heading Create tender you can find information on how to submit your tender.



How to apply?

Contact polish ILO ESS 

ESS Guidelines for Suppliers on the ESS ERIC Procurement Process


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