NMX Control Hutch

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20/04/2020 r.

Oryginal annauncment:

NMX Control Hutch

Supply and Service Agreement for detailed design, fabrication, transport and installation of the control hutch structure. The NMX control hutch is a light structure where the sample is prepared and the experiment is controlled. The ground floor of the hutch building will house the laboratory space for sample preparation and the top floor will house the instrument control room. Electronics racks will be places on the roof of the hutch.

The estimated last day for submitting tenders is 2020-04-20. The estimated time for the start of the agreement period is 2020-05-12.

The procurement is carried out with procedure Open procedure.

The procuring organisation for this procurement is European Spallation Source ERIC.

The place of execution is Skåne län.



How to apply?

Contact polish ILO ESS 

ESS Guidelines for Suppliers on the ESS ERIC Procurement Process


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