ITER Plant Simulator Platform

Category: Electronic engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, material engineering, IT, automation, robotics

Deadline: 28/08/2020 r.



ITER Plant Simulator Platform

The scope of work of this summary includes the following:
– The production the ITER Plant Simulator platform, in green in Figure 1;
– Licensing and maintenance of the code(s) used for ITER Plant Simulator platform;
– Delivering of training of users;
– Supplying specific module(s) constitutive of ITER Plant Simulator, such as the ones simulating the electrical systems;
– Any technical support for the specification and integration of:

  • Production and delivery of software and/or hardware interfaces, among the platform and other item of the Simulator (such as third party modules simulating process systems);
  • Integration of third party modules (such as third party modules simulating process systems) and central control systems within IPSi;
  • Deployment of IPSi for operator training, including preparation of operator training.


CFN Deadline Date :
21 / 08 / 2020


Technical summary

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