Framework Agreement for Servers

Category: Civil engineering, construction, technical services

Deadline: 14/08/2020 r.

Oryginaln text:

Framework Agreement for Servers >

ESS will need access to a large hardware and services catalogue for the supply of hardware and solutions. The server hardware will include industrial PCs, virtualization servers (some with specialized use cases requiring a need for GPU) that will run Linux virtualisation servers (oVirt, Proxmox, Openstack), storage servers with HDDs, SSDs or both that will be used for distributed and parallel storage systems (Ceph and Lustre)

The procurement is scheduled to start: 2020-06-26

Expected last tender date: 2020-08-14

Expected agreement start: 2020-09-30

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Category codes
Skåne län
Cpv 2008 (EN)
Laboratory furniture
Cpv 2008 (EN)
Scientific installations



How to apply?


Contact polish ILO ESS 

ESS Guidelines for Suppliers on the ESS ERIC Procurement Process


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