Design and manufacturing of the VV PHTS Primary HX (HX-1000)…

Category: Optics, photonics, cryogenics, vacuum technologies, gas technologies
Deadline: 24/06/2019 r.



Design and manufacturing of DRS Auxiliary Drain Tank, Waste Collection Tank, VV PHTS Pressure Relief Tank, ESPN N3 classified

The purpose of this Contract is to design and manufacture the heat exchangers of the Vacuum Vessel Primary Heat Transfer System.

The contract will include design, fabrication, inspection, examination, testing, certification, packaging, and shipping of the VV PHTS heat exchangers.

The heat exchangers shall be compliant with the French Order dated 30 December 2015 on Nuclear Pressure Equipment (ESPN) and the 2014/068 EU directive. The VV PHTS heat exchangers are classified as an ESPN equipment level N3.
The heat exchangers shall be shell-and-tube type


Technical summary

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