We invite companies and institutes that see their potential in cooperation with Fusion for Energy and ITER, to co-create with us a matrix of competences of the Polish high-tech sector, which is set to be our national offer for ITER. Thanks to it we will show that Polish companies and institutions have the potential to carry out even the most complex tasks for this project. The key is their cooperation.

Due to the scale and complexity of ITER’s needs and required solutions, even participating in tender procedures, as well as successful completion of its subject, requires from a company or institution a wide spectrum of specialization.

Our business and industry environment have such competences, especially if they join forces and together, by forming consortia, will try to fulfill orders from F4E.

In order to co-create Poland’s competency matrix dedicated to ITER project, please submit the form presented below. If you know a company or institute that should co-create an offer for ITER with us – let us know, we’ll contact its representatives.


Application deadline- July 15th 2019.


Registration and more informations