Poland@CERN 2019 – an opportunity for development of cooperation with Polish business

Poland@CERN 2019 is an event of special importance to the development of cooperation between Polish business environment and European Organization for Nuclear Research.  The subject-specific sessions and the B2B meetings will be an opportunity to evaluate and expand it. What can Polish companies expect? What do representatives of CERN think about their potential?


Nearly three decades in the family of CERN Member States

Cooperation between Poland and CERN started in the 1960’s. Poland was the only country of the Eastern Block that had the official status of an observer of CERN. It became a full-fledged member 28 years ago, in 1991. Currently, many Polish scientists work in the structures of the organisation and participate, among others, in the construction, upgrades and operation of the accelerators and detectors in the CERN’s accelerator complex. Of note is the fact that the first woman to become the chairperson of the CERN Council was Professor Agnieszka Zalewska from the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences – she continued to hold this position for three terms during the years 2013-2015.

Currently, there are about 250 Polish specialists involved day-to-day in CERN’s activities, including over 70 staff members employed by the Organization. Scientists and researchers conducting research and projects here come from all over the world and are affiliated with various universities and research institutions. They form a community of over a dozen thousand people, which continues to improve its scientific excellence. CERN provides education opportunities for the next generations of world-class experts. CERN offers also a possibility for development for Polish scientists at various stages of their careers. Thanks to the fact that Poland is a Member State of CERN, they have a lot of rights and opportunities, e.g. they can use research equipment and CERN infrastructure, participate in the internship and scholarship programs or designate representatives to the organization’s governing bodies. It is worth popularizing these opportunities in the Polish environment related not only to science but also to education.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research is responsible for the construction of research infrastructure and coordination of its operation. To do so, it requires various technical, technological, and organizational competencies. It should be emphasized that this creates an opportunity for cooperation with CERN not only for the scientific community, but also for the business environment. This can also contribute to an improved transfer of knowledge and experience between those communities. Events such as Poland@CERN 2019 are an opportunity to show in Geneva that Polish companies and institutions have the potential to perform various, often very complex, contracts.”
commented Dr Andrzej Siemko, a scientist working at CERN in Geneva.


Appreciated potential


Poland’s membership in CERN enables Polish companies and institutions to participate in tender procedures and also to commercialize the technologies developed at CERN. This is facilitated by the industrial liaison designated by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (in Poland at the Wroclaw Technology Park).  For nearly 30 years, dozens of Polish companies have collaborated with CERN. The potential of this sector of the economy is noticed by more and more companies interested in entering the Big Science market.

We see a continuous improvement of competencies of Polish companies. The technological and R&D resources available to them make their offers competitive. Contracts and orders entrusted to them are carried out with the highest quality and diligence. Polish companies not only supply products and services to CERN, but also successfully commercialize our technologies. They are solid business partners and demonstrate a high level of specialization. I hope that Poland@CERN 2019 will consolidate our cooperation with the present Polish CERN suppliers, and more companies will see the opportunities offered by the cooperation with our Organisation.
commented Anders Unnervik, Head of Procurement and Industrial Services CERN.


This opinion confirms Poland’s solid position in the Big Science market which will be constantly strengthened. It is worth adding that Poland@CERN 2019 will be attended by companies with strong ties to sectors such as IT, electronics, cryogenics, ventilation and cooling, optics and photonics.