ESS: Series of Webinars on Accelerator and Detector Technologies

ESS will be running a series of webinars on the topic of innovative solutions in the sphere of Accelerator and Detector technologies at ESS. This series of webinars is organized and run with the support of the Accelerate Project, a Horizon 2020 collaboration between several Research Infrastructures, including ESS. The webinars will be hosted in conjugation with CERIC-ERIC, one of ESS partners in the Accelerate Project.

In this series of Webinars, participants will have a chance to learn about the progress, challenges, and opportunities present in some of the key areas of the ESS project. The idea is to disseminate knowledge about the innovative solutions used in building the ESS Facility to other Research Institutes, Innovation Clusters, and most importantly Industry. Through this series of events, ESS and its partners hope to build capacity in some of the key areas of ESS technologies, establish networks and communication channels with potential industrial suppliers, and raise awareness of the complexities of the ESS Project.

Please visit this link to learn more and register for the events. Apart from having the pleasure of inviting you all to the talks, I would also like to kindly ask you to forward the details of this event to your industrial partners, especially those interested in the Accelerator and Detector technologies.

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