CERN – Technician Training Experience (TTE)

We present another career development program at CERN – Technician Training Experience (TTE). As part of the program, people with technical education can take part in a 2-year contract at the European Organization for Nuclear Research and develop their careers at the largest scientific institution in Europe.


The program can include people with technical education in areas such as: electronics, electricity, mechanics, IT, vacuum, cooling and ventilation, and geodetic engineering. Candidates must possess the technical diploma indicated on the list available at this address:

Applications to participate in the program can be submitted throughout the year, but they will be considered this year in June 2020. To participate in the next recruitment process, applications must be submitted by May 28, 2020.

Below is a list of positions for which you can currently apply. After clicking the link, you can read the detailed job description, requirements and job offer at CERN:

Electrical technician for HL-LHC (TTE Programme)