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Cooperation with Big Science: ESAESS

Main info

SpaceForest develops and commercializes new technologies related to microwave techniques, artificial intelligence, electronic and rocket technologies. The company’s most valuable asset is highly educated, experienced and ambitious team. SpaceForest is a space company providing various services to facilitate the commercial and scientific access to space. Its Experimental Rocket Department is currently focused on carrying out the Suborbital Inexpensive Rocket (SIR) project. The aim of this project is to develop a fully reusable suborbital rocket capable of carrying 50kg of payload to an altitude up to 150. SIR is designed to provide high performance and reliability at low cost for the suborbital space users.

Cooperation with European Space Agency lead to the development of the low-noise, high frequency generators, and provision of internally developed testing environment for the on-board data collecting system of the ESA’s JUICE mission.

We provide a wide range of services in the scope of design and prototyping of microwave equipment, precision mechanics and electronics, as well as telecommunication equipment repairs and launching experiments on board of internally developed experimental rockets.

We offer machining services (CNC) in various types of materials such as steel, aluminum, copper or composite materials. We specialize in designing and manufacturing precision electronic enclosures for the space industry.

ISO 9001 & 14001


Projects for ESA and ESS (described in "BigScience market experience").

Filter Tuning Software (FTS) – unique software for computer-aided filter tuning, basing on AI algorithms. It allows to speed up the filter tuning process significantly and presents an unprecedented tuning repeatability. FTS can be applied in the following areas: DVB, telecommunication, space technologies.

Automatic Filter Tuning System - a flexible filter tuning solution for fully automated tuning of filters with all types of screws (nutted and self-locking).

Fully autonomous tracking and data transmission system used for reliable, long-distance data collection from a rocket or other flying objects.
Controllable and recoverable suborbital rocket with hybrid engine SF1000 based on eco-logical propellants - project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Project duration: 2018 – 2023.
The main objective of the project is to design and build first Polish suborbital rocket able to carry up to 50 kg of commercial payload to altitudes up to 150 km. The 11 meters rocket will be able to provide cost effective platform for micro-g environment researches.
New optimization methods and their investigation for the application to physical microwave devices that require tuning. The outcome of this project were new developed filter tuning algorithms published in over 20 scientific papers.

Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) circuits, systems and strategies specially tailored for batteryless systems.

Succeses and awadrs

Successful projects with the European Space Agency, also as coordinating party of the project as well as in cooperation with foreign partners.

High quality solutions provided for the big science industry, including directional couplers for ESS in Lund, Sweden

Development of unique filter tuning methods on the global scale and their implementation on the market, among others at large integrators of space technologies.

Dozens of publications in prestigious scientific journals, including IEEE based on discoveries and research related to the development of innovative technologies.

In the suborbital rocket project a successful flight of the suborbital rocket prototype (BIGOS4) to a height of 15km at the speed of 2Ma and the recovery of the rocket in its entirety, in a state that allows it to take the next flight.

Gold Frombork Medal of the year 2018 for the development of the unique methods of microwave filter tuning and implementation of the developed technology in the space industry. The Gold Frombork Medal is given to a person or institution with the greatest achievements in the development and promotion od Copernican thought.

Experience in Big Science projects

High power directional coupler – project for Warsaw University of Technology (WUT). Development and manufacturing of high power (up to 500 W), tunable directional couplers. The couplers are used in a particle accelerator of ESS in Lund, Sweden.

Development and qualification of frequency generators – project with ESA and RUAG Space AB. The main objective was to design and test key functions of frequency generators for space applications in different frequency bands. The generators were designed to meet stringent phase noise requirements. The target was TRL 7.

Dependable Electronics for Wireless Infrastructure project, under the Artemis EC programme. Partners: Thales Alenia Space España and TU of Gdansk, Poland. The main objective was to provide solutions for replacing communication wires between various sensors and attenuators with wireless links in aeronautics vehicles. Verified in two rocket flights.

Dual redundant medium power master signal source - project with ESA and RUAG Space AB. The main objective is to design, test and qualify the medium power dual redundant master signal source to supply the reference signal of many frequency converters for satellite transmission applications.

Highly Integrated Solid State Power Amplifier Operating in X Band - project with ESA and TESAT-Spacecom. The main objective is to design a highly integrated Solid State Power Amplifier operating in the typical frequency range used for downlink transmitters in earth observation missions.

Potential for cooperation

- manufacturers and integrators of telecommunications systems
- scientific institutes
- integrators of space technologies
- microwave filter manufacturers
- defense sector companies
- space organizations and agencies
- entities seeking solutions in the field of microwave technology



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