Tomasz Pawełko

Type: Company

Sector: ElectronicsMachines and devices productionMechanicsNew technologiesOtherState administrationTrade

Specialisation: Defense industryDefense systemsMarketing, communicationMetal products

Type of activity: ManufacturingServices

Country: Poland

Cooperation with Big Science: None

Main info

Based on our own experience gained on the military market (tactical lighting, optoelectronics, equipment for hand-held firearms, clothing and many more), we offer assistance in the selection and delivery of accessories for widely understood Uniformed Services. I help in the selection of equipment and training how to use it in practice (the trainings are described at The offer includes many well-known domestic and foreign brands, I am a representative of a global tycoon in the mobile lighting industry, an American company FoxFury. I also make my own projects related to tactical and rescue lighting, the neck uniforms and functional clothing (fleece, pants, softshells, jackets), which can be used by uniformed units as well as private users as outdoor clothing. There are also designs for the striking of firearms, which increase its ergonomics of use.


For 18 years in trade after the end of professional military service. In the industry of special training (tactical, shooting and related to broadly understood personal and public security) for over 15 years. At the same time, by executing commissioned commercial activities for several companies, acting as the Brand Manager, I introduced many new products and several proprietary solutions that are still in use in our army. Implementation of a large number of equipment deliveries based on won tenders. Experience in presenting the offer at national and international fairs. Participation in numerous presentations in units or institutions related to security and defense, training or business meetings with interested buyers. For several years I have been operating as my own company, slowly realizing my goals.

Succeses and awadrs

As a young company, sole proprietorship was asked by the American company FoxFury to become their representative in Poland. A long-standing history, a well-known name in the military industry (special units, army, police, border guards, etc.). As an employee, working for someone else I could collect valuable experience that now pays off in my own company. My professional development path, the level of professionalism and the institutional customer service itself have led to the situation that I can move freely in this industry.

Experience in Big Science projects

Design work on introducing the product to the TYTAN Project as a subcontractor of PCO SA (as a Brand Manager in an external company).

Potential for cooperation

I am looking for the possibility of obtaining funds for the implementation of new research projects (products for the army and police). In addition, I can take on new solutions for the military industry in the field of lighting, clothing and equipment for individual small arms. I am also able to secure the broadly understood business, personal (VIP protection) and object security. Conduct broadly understood public safety training and implement appropriate procedures in institutions and companies.

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