Development of Advanced Silver Coatings for Telescope Mirrors

Category: Optics, photonics, cryogenics, vacuum technologies, gas technologies

Date: second quarter of 2019


Oryginal announcement:

The purpose of this Call for tender is to provide ESO with an advanced telescope mirror silver coating recipe with the highest overall reflectivity from 330 nm to 24 µm while offering long-term durability, although it can be easily stripped.

The scope of work of this contract includes the preparation of silver coated mirror samples and extensive characterization of their quality. Some of the samples will be provided to ESO for testing at our premises.

The Call for tender is scheduled to be issued in Q2/2019 to companies in ESO Member States.

The contract is planned to be awarded in Q3/2019 to the bidder which will have submitted a fully compliant tender and offered the best value for money for ESO taking into account the quality and price of the offer


How to apply?

Contact with polish ILO of  ESO 


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