Design, production, verification and delivery of the ELT M1 segments Local Coherencer

Category: Electronic engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, material engineering

Date: III quarter of 2019


Oryginal announcement:

Preliminary Inquiry (PI) to identify and select companies that are interested in and capable of designing the ELT M1 segments Local Coherencer, delivering one Validation Model during the design phase, and producing six measuring heads mounted on a supporting structure, to be attached to the “M1 segment manipulator” (see related Advance information No. 207).

The Local Coherencer is a non-contact metrology system, which consists of 6 measuring heads which optically sense with nanometer accuracy the relative height of an hexagonal segment with respect to its (up to) 6 neighbours.

The PI will be released in Q3/2020 to potential suppliers in the ESO Member States and Chile and will be followed by a Call for Tender (CFT) planned to be issued in Q4/2020.

The contract is expected to be awarded in Q2/2021 to the Bidder, which has submitted a fully compliant Tender and

offers the best value for money for ESO taking into account the quality and price of the offer.r.


How to apply?

Contact with polish ILO of  ESO 


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