ITER: Call for expertise

ITER is conducting proceedings to select specialists to carry out expertise for the organization. We present the organisation’s current announcements:


Senior Engineer for TF Structure and Coil Manufacture Follow-up

Oddam za darmo paletę do transportu szyb – stojak do transportu szkła. Mieści szyby do 130 cm szerokości. Umożliwia transport 2 szyb na raz. Wyłącznie odbiór własny. Stan jak na zdjęciach.




Thermal Shield flow and thermal analysis update

The purpose of this contract is to perform an updated flow and thermal analysis of the ITER Thermal Shield considering the last design features as well as the last interfaces with the surrounding components.

The scope of the work to be done by the Contractor and specified with this document includes:

1. An update of the flow network analysis of the full cooling system including the TSM and the cooling tubes welded to the panels. Thermo-hydraulic considerations may be required considering temperature rise and change of coolant properties due to heat input to the panels.

2. An update of the thermal analysis based on the updated flow analysis (from previously mentioned scope) and the heat input provided by IO, getting as a result a precise temperature map of the full Thermal Shield and the heat exchanged with the Magnet system.