Fusion for Energy is looking for employees

Fusion for Energy is looking for a candidate for the position of  Legal support officer for construction claims managment! Polish specialists can also apply.

Content of the announcement:


Closing date: 29/03/2021

Fusion for Energy (F4E) is looking for a highly motivated and experienced professional to work in the ITER Site and Buildings Legal Affairs Group of the Legal Service Unit at the ITER Site in Cadarache, France. The successful candidate will play a key role in furthering F4E’s contribution to the construction and operation of ITER, the largest fusion energy device/machine in the world.

Is this job for you?

Are you passionate about construction law? Are you willing to become an expert in managing construction claims? Are you ready to challenge yourself to grow in various directions at once?
We offer a unique opportunity to accelerate your career by gaining in-depth hands-on experience in aligning conflicting multi-party interests by appropriately structuring and procuring megaprojects within a stringent regulatory framework.
Besides the invaluable professional experience that you can gain at F4E as an EU body, working at the ITER Site will specifically provide you day-to-day exposure to interacting with the ITER supply chain, to mastering the soft skills required to raise issues of importance, to navigating successfully in an international, multicultural technology megaproject and to finding and working out first-of-a-kind solutions to complex legal and commercial problems.
You will be welcomed, supported and encouraged by a team of outstanding legal professionals who continuously raise the bar while taking good care of its members’ professional and personal development.
If you have a genuine interest in rapidly developing in-depth knowledge in the ITER Project framework, and have good knowledge of, and relevant work experience with the implementation of, standard forms of construction contract and the application of claim assessment methodologies, this job may be the right fit for you.

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