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European Spallation Source, as the most powerful neutron source in the world, will operate like a big microscope, allowing scientists to study the atomic level of various materials, from proteins and plastics to drugs and molecules. The experiments carried out in the ESS will benefit many research areas, such as chemistry, nanotechnology, energy technology, environmental engineering, biology,  pharmaceuticals, information technology, materials science and archaeology. This will enable to get closer or discover the answers to some questions, such as functions as the human DNA in living cells, how gene therapy can treat serious viral infections, what can be done by energy saving and transport was efficient,  how  catalysts can be  improved, how to improve the batteries in electric cars and how to obtain biofuels from agricultural waste. The study will also allow the creation of new, better tolerated implants, superconductors for lossless transmission of energy or customized through the use of nanotechnology materials.


Projekt „Wielka nauka – kolejny etap procesu transferu technologii” jest współfinansowany z Unii Europejskiej, Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Kapitał Ludzki.