Kordecki Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Type: Company

Sector: Industry

Specialisation: Automation and robotics

Type of activity: ManufacturingServices

Country: Poland

Cooperation with Big Science: None

Main info

We provide services in the field of industrial automation: we develop documentation, prefabricate control cabinets, connect and program it. We modernize plants and production processes by integrating existing machines and devices into production lines. We modernize the automation of individual machines and devices by replacing drivers, updating software and replacing control and measurement equipment. We are updating software and documentation. We offer automated assembly and control stations.

We carry out automation under the brand of our clients, both suppliers of entire technologies and individual machines. We provide automation commissioning services on end-user facilities based on developed documentation or jointly developed guidelines.

For developed and repetitive products: we prefabricate control cabinets, we support mechanics- fitters in connecting and starting machines, we improve control and operation of automation.


Our competences and experience include the following areas:

burners, heat pumps, micro-cogenerations, gas heaters, heating coats, regenerators and recuperators, ventilation units - HVAC.

mixers, homogenizers, pasteurisers, CIP stations, dispensers and dosing stations, belt driers, chamber dryers, cereal dryers, weighing mixers, pumping stations, feed tanks.

3-axis manipulators (pneumatic and servo), detail feeders, blanking dies, injection molding machines, close transport, positioners, sheet metal extruders, carousel devices, lifting devices, separators and many more ...

Potential for cooperation

We are a team of automation, having large experience in working with various objects and in various industries. We work from Wroclaw, where we design and prefabricate control cabinets and control systems, from where we go to startups installation, in country and abroad. We know the specifics of the work of large enterprises, as well as adapt to the dynamic of smaller companies. Both the company and partners participated in the implementation of industrial automation projects, that can be founded in: TOYOTA, WHIRPOOL, VOLVO, CERSANIT, WOSANA, TENZI, ELECTROLUX, SELENA, EBS INKJET, HELIO, UTC AREOSPACE SYSTEM, HAMILTON.

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Kordecki Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

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