Creotech Instruments S.A

Type: Company

Sector: OtherScientific InstrumentationSpace sector

Specialisation: rozwój i produkcja zaawansowanej elektroniki i systemów

Type of activity: ManufacturingR&D

Country: Poland

Cooperation with Big Science: CERNESAITEROther

Main info

Creotech Instruments S.A (CTI) was established in 2008 as a spin-out of a scientific project “Pi of the Sky” looking for gamma ray bursts. Its dedicated R&D and production teams specialize in design and manufacturing of electronics for space and scientific instrumentation as well as scientific cameras for astronomical purposes. As a member of the Open Hardware Repository (OHWR) initiative Creotech designs and manufactures scientific instrumentation (in particular – FPGA-based control and measurement electronics and data acquisition cards) for all major Big Science experiments (CERN, DESY, Sirius in Brasil, GSI in Germany). The space heritage of the company includes: assembly of electronic modules for power supply units for MXGS ASIM (ESA) and for CASISS ExoMars (ESA), hardware design for several other ESA projects, ASIM Technology Support project (ESA GSTP), OPS-SAT project (FPGA HDL development), designing and manufacturing of PCBs for commercial satellites. Last but not least, CTI is presently involved in the process of development and commercialization of Sinara control and measurement ecosystem for quantum technologies.

Succeses and awadrs

1. Obtaining, as the only company in Poland, ESA qualification for electronics assembly for Space
2. Assembly of the power supplier for the CaSSIS camera for ExoMars orbiter
3. Assembly of the power supplier for the ASIM experiment at ISS
4. Obtaining a framework contract for the provision of electronics engineering consultancy services to CERN
5. Obtaining a contract for CREODIAS, platform for data hosting and processing in the framework of Copernicus DIAS (ESA)
6. Design and supply of the Hard Real Time Control and Protection System for Diverter Field Power Supply (CPS-DFPS) for the MAST tokamak

Experience in Big Science projects

Creotech Instruments S.A. (CTI) has significant experience in Big Science projects. The company is a certified manufacturer of electronics for CERN and has supplied many hundreds of electronic modules to this institution. Moreover, CTI has a framework contract for the provision of electronics engineering consultancy services to CERN and a history of several sucessful elsctronics designes and analysis performed under this agreement. The company contributed to the design, manufectured and supplied electronics for beam instrumentation at the Brasilian Synchrotron SIRIUS, for detector instrumentation at GSI-CBM and for the X-ray spectrometer instrumentation at the Joint European Torus. As one of its flagship projects, CTI designed and supplied the Hard Real Time Control and Protection System for Diverter Field Power Supply (CPS-DFPS) for the MAST tokamak.

Presently, CTI takes part in the development of elements of the time synchronization system for ESRF and manufactures key elements of the General Machine Timing System for GSI.

Potential for cooperation

Potential fields of cooperation with ITER and other Big Science institutions:
- design, development and manufacturing of control and measurement systems 

- design services of real time and hard real time FPGA-based electronics 

- design services of White Rabbit sub-ns time synchronization systems 

- design, development and manufacturing of systems in the MTCA standard 

- certified (automotive, medical, space) manufacturing services
• QMS certified under ISO 9001:2009 

• QMS certified under ISO 13485:2012 

• ECSS standards 

• production line in ISO8 and ISO7 cleanroom environment 

- electrical and functional tests performed in an ESD protected lab 

- quick track prototyping of electronics 

- electronics design services 

- electronics engineering consultancy services 

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Creotech Instruments S.A

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