Maintenance of lifts on the CERN site

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Market survey: III kwartał 2020


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Maintenance of lifts on the CERN site (13110800)

CERN intends to place framework contracts for the maintenance of 128 lifts on the CERN site. The lifts are located in tertiary and industrial buildings as well as in the LHC access points. The future contracts will include maintenance activities (MSL 1-5 according to AFNOR FD X 60-00), optional additional works following CERN users requests or following a misuse as well as 24/7 on call service. The contracts are foreseen to start on 1st January 2022 for an initial period of three years, renewable by CERN for four further periods of one year.

Interested firms or group of firms must have a proven experience in the field of maintenance of lifts.

Market Survey scheduled for dispatch:

Third quarter 2020

Invitation to Tender scheduled to dispatch:

Fourth quarter 2020

Contacts and Interest in being contacted:

To express an interest please send an e-mail to
Technically: J. Brun
Commercially: C. Carayon

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