Ogłoszenie CERN: Temporary labour at CERN

Oryginalna treść ogłoszenia:

The purpose of this market survey is to establish a list of firms which may be invited to submit bids for the provision of the above-mentioned service. CERN would like to offer specialised firms the opportunity to express their interest and give proof of their qualifications as well as their compliance with the requirements in the attached documents. The replies will not constitute a firm commitment for the firms to tender or create any obligation for CERN to invite them to tender. Potential bidders are requested to take note of the attached documents „Selection and Adjudication criteria for Industrial Service Contracts”. Please note that this document is subject to change without notice and no rights may be derived from its publication. The qualification criteria stipulated in that document shall be valid for any invitation to tender issued. Interested firms are invited to upload the attached questionnaire completed in the CERN e-Survey application not later than: 11 August 2021.


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