Erosion Deposition Monitor: PDR, FDR and Manufacturing

Category: Electronic engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, material engineering

Deadline: 12/06/2020 r.



Erosion Deposition Monitor: PDR, FDR and Manufacturing

The work described here is related to the mechanical design, analysis and prototyping of the Erosion Deposition Monitor: the full system, from the in-vessel optics enclosure, which will be installed under the ITER Divertor dome, to the back-end data collection system installed in the diagnostic hall. The goal of this contract is to progress the Erosion Deposition Monitor (EDM) design from its current state (Conceptual Design Review, CDR) through the Preliminary Design Review, PDR, to the Final Design  eview, FDR and deliver a full system prototype. This will involve iteratively progressing the hardware design by performing mechanical, nuclear, thermal and Electro-Magnetic analyses, including accident scenarios, implementing solutions to issues found in to the design, producing a full Structural Integrity Report (StIR) and building a prototype. At PDR a design for a prototype in-vessel optics box will be  resented, this prototype will be built after any issues raised at PDR have been resolved. After any issues raised at FDR have been resolved a full system prototype will be produced.
A framework contract will be awarded with Task Orders covering different foreseen task of the project: completion of the PDR, FDR, manufacturing studies, procurement management, prototype work. Note that Instrumentation & Control (I&C) will not be included in this framework contract. I&C design and manufacturing will be handled by a different contract managed by IO.


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