Big Science in WPT


WTP brings together science and technology entities from Lower Silesia and creates a nurturing environment for local and global projects, alongside facilitating smooth cooperation between Polish businesses and Big Science centres. Wrocław Technology Park is the architect and the coordinator of the BIG SCIENCE HUB, a platform for sharing ideas, contacts and experiences, geared to promoting and growing the innovation sector, and making it more accessible to companies from a wide range of profiles and industries.


Coordinating the cooperation with CERN and ITER

WPT acts as the go-between for entrepreneurs and R&D institutions. Sylwia Wójtowicz, WTP’s Commercialisation and Development Director, holds the position of Industry Laison Officer –  that is the coordinator of cooperation between Polish businesses and the largest European scientific institutions – CERN and Fusion for Energy, which manages the ITER project.

How to cooperate with Big Science Institution?

Contact with polish ILO CERN for F4E


Growth & development opportunities for companies of all sizes 

The Park is home to companies engaged in a successful cooperation with Big Science institutions, among others Technology Transfer Agency Techtra, Kriosystem Sp.  z o.o., Saule Sp. z o.o., Scanway Sp. z o.o. or ZPUE S.A.

These and other innovative companies are offered support in handling organizational matters and in funding acquisition. They may use the Park’s technical infrastructure, including 12 laboratories and prototype workshops.

The next item on WPT’s agenda related to the development of space industry in Poland and in Europe will be the launching of ESA BIC (European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre), a business incubator aimed at encouraging the growth of space exploration businesses that will enter into cooperation with the European Space Agency. WTP is involved in other initiatives which promote space-related innovations designed to change entrepreneurs’ perception of this sector. WPT seeks to demonstrate that the largest global scale projects involve micro and small companies as well.



See how the cooperation between businesses and Big Science flourishes at the Wrocław Technology Park:

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Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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