Zakład Techniki Próżniowej TEPRO S.A.

Type: Company

Sector: Industrial technologiesIndustryMachines and devices productionMechanicsNew technologiesServices

Specialisation: Automation and roboticsAutomotiveMaterial processingMetal productsNanoprocesses and nanotechnologiesProduction control systemsR&D processes

Type of activity: ManufacturingR&DServices

Country: PolandAlgeriaBelgiumBelarusBulgariaCroatiaDenmarkEgyptEstoniaFranceGeorgiaSpainNetherlandsIrelandIsraelCanadaKazakhstanLithuaniaMoroccoMoldovaGermanyRepublic of South AfricaRussian FederationUSASyriaSwitzerlandSwedenTurkeyUkraineUzbekistanUnited KingdomLatviaUnited Arab Emirates

Cooperation with Big Science: Other

Main info

Basic products:
- vacuum packing machines
- traysealers
- vacuum pumps
- thermoforming lines for packaging
- thermoforming machines for manufacturing of plastic trays
- central vacuum aggregates for health care centers
- central vacuum systems for industrial plants
- special devices
- disinfection devices for archives
- vacuum fittings
- vacuum chambers

Technical possibilities:
- mechanical machining on conventional machines
- mechanical machining on CNC turning machines (chucking, centre lathing, driving tools)
- mechanical machining on CNC machining centres (vertical, horizontal, five axes)
- grinding treatment
- metal sheet water cutting
- metal sheet laser cutting
- welding in protection of carbon dioxide and argon, electrical and gas, microplasma
- lacquering
- bench working and assembly


- Participation of TEPRO in the Wendelstein 7-X project. Support structures have been manufactured in Tepro. Wendelstein 7-X is the world’s largest fusion device of the stellarator type.
- TEPRO manufactured a specially designed vacuum chamber enables carrying out measurements in a vacuum (automatic vacuum mass comparator).
- TEPRO designed and built a vacuum leak detector to check the bullet-proof vests.
- TEPRO equipped the company from the automotive industry with a chamber for degassing car foams
- TEPRO company is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of vacuum furnaces/chambers according to own documentation or provided by the customer.
- TEPRO has offered PVD (Phys­ical Vapour Depos­ition) systems for production and research applications.


Zakład Techniki Próżniowej TEPRO S.A.

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