TECHTRA Technology Transfer Agency Sp. z o.o.

Type: Company

Sector: Electrical systemsElectronicsOther

Specialisation: Detectors and printed circuitsPrinted electronics

Type of activity: ManufacturingR&D

Country: Poland

Cooperation with Big Science: CERNCooperation between Big Science InstitutionsOther

Main info

Techtra is focused on the high-tech market, in the development of new products and in their commercialization. For this purpose, the company cooperates closely with large research centers that are the sources of new technologies. The closest operational contacts are maintained with the European Organization for Nuclear Research at CERN in Geneva, as well as with the Heavy Ion Institute GSI in Darmstadt and the German Synchrotron Elektronyczny DESY in Hamburg. The cooperation includes training Techstra employees at CERN in the field of innovative technologies as well as transfer and commercialization of technologies developed in research laboratories. Advanced technologies developed for large research experiments often require refinement into a commercial form, which brings "new quality" in industrial applications. Techtra has 3 patents, 2 applications are still pending.


For 10 years, Techtra has been qualified as the only European, commercial producer of GEM foils. We have provided over 2000 Gas Electron Multipliers (GEM) for use in many scientific experiments around the world.
Techtra as the only entity on the global scale offers complete detector systems based on GEM technology. Our devices are used, among others in Europe, the USA and Canada.
Based on our experience we are able to perform dedicated analysis and symulations for many physics phenomenans at kriogenic, electronic, electrical and others fields.

Succeses and awadrs

Techtra has been honored with national and international awards for its research and development, including:
1. Silver medal of Innovation during the International Innovation Exhibition in Geneva. Techtra received a distinction for the implementation of Micro-Chemical-Vias technology into industrial conditions. April 20, 2007
2. Winner of the "Hope of the Polish Market" competition. In April 2008. at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Techtra was awarded the main prize of the competition organized under the auspices of the vice-prime minister Waldemar Pawlak. April 21, 2008
3. Nominate of the "Lower Silesian Griffin - Economic Award" competition in the "Special Award - for special achievements in the field of innovation" category, September 2009.
4.Distinction at the International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovation 2010, for the high-resolution imaging detector based on GEM foils dedicated to non-destructive radiographic examinations. September 22, 2010
4. The title "Market Leader of Innovation 2014" in the category "Quality, Creativity, Effectiveness" awarded by Strefe Gospodarki, Biznes Magazyn

Experience in Big Science projects

Based on long lasting cooperation with CERN, Techtra acquired a license for the production and commercialization of Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM ) developed at CERN. GEMs are the crucial components of an inovative type of particle detectors. This is so far the only effectivetechnology transfer made from CERN into the Polish industry. The GEMs are currently produced by Techtra, which is the only European commercial supplier for CERN. GEMs are a key element of the new generation of radiation detectors, which are increasingly used both at CERN and other scientific centers.
Due to unique competencies, Techtra performs dedicated analyzes and simulations of the safety of large scientific installations.

Potential for cooperation

Techtra is interested in cooperation in the field of R&D in the field of physics, electronics and numerical simulations.

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