Type: Company

Sector: Education and researchIndustrySpace sector

Specialisation: Automation and robotics of technological processesMeasuring systemsOpticOptoelectronicsOtherProcessing, analysis, data modelingR&D processesSatellite data collection, transmission and processingSatellite integrationSatellite technologiesSpace equipmentSpace industry technologiesSystems and components for the space industry

Type of activity: ManufacturingR&DStartup

Country: Poland

Cooperation with Big Science: ESA

Main info

Scanway is an SME company based in Wrocław, Poland. Since its establishment in the late 2015, the company was involved both in various industries through several projects as well as in space sector where it was performing educational activities before evolving into entity working on future space technologies. Main competences of the company include 3D scanning, image processing, vision systems and remote sensing. Based on that Scanway develops and implements measurement systems for various industrial applications, always tailored to customer’s needs.

One of the main projects of the company is the ScanSAT - first polish Earth Observation satellite with high resolution.


The core Scanway team composes of 20 people, including former ESA YGTs, who’s experience is invaluable while conducting business with ESA and keeping industry standards. A number of Scanway’s employees have space background gained by working at the Polish Space Research Centre. In addition, broad range of know-how is an asset brought to Scanway by people working on industrial projects in automotive, IT or power engineering sectors.

Succeses and awadrs

March 2017 - Scanway is the first company in Lower Silesia to place its equipment in space

September 2017 - the company starts a satellite project "ScanSAT" co-financed from the NCBiR

November 2017 - President of Scanway - Jędrzej Kowalewski awarded with the "Rzetelni dla Biznesu" statuette at the request of the Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodship

December 2017 - Polska Grupa Energetyczna Ventures invests in the company

June 2018 - the company closes the first stage of research on the ScanSAT satellite, proving the high resolution obtained from the on-board telescope

October 2018 - Dolnośląski Fundusz Rozwoju Inwestycyjny invests in the company

Experience in Big Science projects

First Big Science in the field of space activities were related with REXUS/BEXUS programme, coordinated by ESA. Members of the company participated in stratospheric project FREDE 2015 and company as a whole delivered vision system for the DREAM experiment - the first ever apparatus monitoring drilling process in microgravity and space conditions. These experiences were enough for the company to start next space activity – taking into account optical competences Scanway managed to get funding from both EU and private investor for building optical payload for in-house designed CubeSat - ScanSAT. It is aimed to be the first Polish Earth Observation satellite. ScanSAT will use novel scanning techniques together with conventional optical solutions to provide multispectral imaging from LEO. As Scanway’s competences are mostly based in area of optical engineering, majority of important subsystems such as EPS or TT&C are to be integrated using COTS components.

Potential for cooperation

Thanks to experience in the commercialization and conversion of space technologies into widely applicable products and solutions, the company also implements in terrestrial applications:

- 3D scanning systems,
- computer and automatic image processing technologies
- automation solutions,
- reliable continuous monitoring systems and remote observations



Duńska 9
54-427 Wrocław

+48 717 336 264