Perspectiva Solutions Sp. z o.o

Type: Company

Sector: ElectronicsIndustrial technologiesIndustryMachines and devices productionNew technologies

Specialisation: Laboratory equipmentLaser technologiesOpticOptoelectronicsPhotonics

Type of activity: ManufacturingR&D

Country: PolandFinlandCzech Republic

Cooperation with Big Science: ESA

Main info

Our company is small and medium-volume manufacturer of custom cable harnesses. We are able to deliver not only standard solutions but we also specialize in customized harnesses. Our assemblies are perfect choice in particular in such industry branches as: professional electronics, industrial automation, machinery, automotive industry, space, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical devices. We have competences and experience in vacuum-compatible cabling. Production of cable harnesses. In our production process we always consider broad spectrum of usability of components of diffrent kinds. The goal is to meet the technical project specification and the economic requirements of our customer.

We use e.g. components of such companies as: ITT Cannon, Conec, Amphenol, TE Connectivity, Raychem, and others. Main objective of our company is to deliver goods always conform to our client's specification. For this reason, as one of few on the market of harnesses manufacturers, we perform 100% quality control of the product before it is released for delivery. Our quality policy allows us to sustain the highest standards and to minimize the time the client needs to complete their project. We are producer of electrical wiring.

Experience in Big Science projects

Participation in projects carried out by space sector companies commissioned by ESSA.

Potential for cooperation

We are interested in the development of control and measurement equipment for the characterization of the laser beam.


Perspectiva Solutions Sp. z o.o

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