MicroscopeIT sp. z o.o.

Type: Company

Sector: ITMedicineNew technologiesServicesSpace sector

Specialisation: Business consultingProcessing, analysis, data modelingR&D processesSatellite data collection, transmission and processingSoftwareVisualization, navigation and digitization systems

Type of activity: Business ConsultingR&DServicesStartup

Country: Poland

Cooperation with Big Science: ESA

Main info

MicroscopeIT is a privately-owned CRO & Software House that specialises in application of advanced Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence technologies in development of large-scale data processing and analysis solutions. We operate in a Software House delivery model offering on-demand technical consulting, software design, data science, project management and engineering implementation services including algorithmics and cloud-deployment.

MicroscopeIT-prototyped solutions integrate such multiple AI technologies as computer vision, image, text and voice recognition along with GPU’s massive parallelisation, distributed computing, and in-memory processing for real-time analytics into early commercial applications in robotics, medical imaging and diagnostics, biotechnology, renewable energy and agriculture. We excel in building AI-supported tools for biometric authentication (facial recognition, liveness detection), geo- and crop monitoring (aerial, spatial), fleet management (location-based analytics) and automotive (vision modules), security and surveillance.

MicroscopeIT developed its own VIRTUM Technology - cloud-based platform for acquisition, annotation, management,
processing and analysis of large volumes of multi-dimensional and multi-modal images. Though originally developed as a support tool for
histopathologists (Med-Tech), VIRTUM found its applications in non-medical industries, such as: renewable energy, life science, bio-tech, space.


We worked for projects with Astro, Satellite, Slide Scanners, Spectrometry & Light and Electron Microscopy images.


MicroscopeIT sp. z o.o.

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