ISCAS sp. z o.o.

Type: Company

Sector: Industry

Specialisation: Automation and roboticsOther

Type of activity: ManufacturingServices

Country: PolandNorway

Cooperation with Big Science: None

Main info

The ISCAS Sp. z o.o. is a professional engineering office specializing in the implementation of innovative projects for industrial automation based on advanced technology and conceptual IT solutions. We specialize in designing, implementing, managing innovative industrial automation systems and modernizing existing installations. We also offer consulting, audits, comprehensive technical support along with the outsourcing of dedicated employees and comprehensive investment service.


We are an engineering company in the field of industrial automation and IT systems for industry. We have orders from the household appliances, water and sewage and chemical industry. The company has been operating on the Polish and Norwegian market for five years, carrying out tasks in the field of automation - mainly we are focused on project management and software.

We are able to provide comprehensive solutions through a network of cooperating companies. We are a team of experienced industrial automation experts who guarantee 100% professionalism at every stage of cooperation - from the first consultation meeting to the implementation of the industrial automation system, comprehensive service and technical support for the investment.

Potential for cooperation

Engineering office - 10 programmers' engineers from automation bays.


ISCAS sp. z o.o.

al. Karkonoska 59
53-015 Wrocław

+48 71 715 63 28