Instytut Automatyki Systemów Energetycznych Sp. z o. o.

Type: Company

Sector: Energetics

Specialisation: Automation and robotics

Type of activity: Services

Country: Poland

Cooperation with Big Science: None

Main info

We supply prove, reliable systems for a whole range of applications, from single operations to providing total integrated solutions. Our service is comprehensive and covers: process control systems, monitoring systems, power plants and combined heat + power plants, generation, transmission and distribution, specialist advice/consultanc, hardware and software, design, production and installation, staff training. We provide flexible solution to meet individual requirements.


Founded in 1949, the Institute of Power Systems Automation, IASE, is an independent research and development organisation specialising in automated control and monitoring systems for the electricity industry.

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Instytut Automatyki Systemów Energetycznych Sp. z o. o.

Wystawowa 1
51-618 Wrocław

+48 71 348 42 21


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