InPhoTech sp. z o.o.

Type: Company

Sector: Photonic

Specialisation: Customised optical fibres and fibre-based sensing systems

Type of activity: ManufacturingOtherR&D

Country: Poland

Cooperation with Big Science: ESAOther

Main info

InPhoTech is a leading Polish developer and supplier of innovative solutions based on photonics and optical fibers. Established almost a decade ago, the company is continuously growing and expanding its portfolio. An active R&D personnel makes up more than half of its 60 employees. InPhoTech develops technologies and supplies ready-solutions for various industries, such as energy, oil & gas, mining, space and aviation, medicine, telecom or security. The company’s expertise and successful path were recognized in Poland and Europe with numerous awards and grants.

Basing on its know-how and its proprietary technology InPhoTech designs, develops and manufactures complete photonics solutions, being able to uniquely control the whole manufacturing process across vertically integrated chain, from the fiber fabrication, to the device manufacturing and field tests. InPhoTech’s innovative portfolio includes the following products:
• Distributed, quasi-distributed and discrete fiber optic sensors for measuring deformations, temperature, vibrations, pressure or presence of gases in hostile, remote and difficult to access environments. Our sensors are used in heavy industry, energy and automotive sectors, as well as in medicine or space.
• Specialty optical fibers:
– Microstructured fibers: Multicore; single, few and multi-mode fibers; high-capacity telecom fibers.
– Secure-transmission optical fibers.
– Optical fibers & coatings for harsh environments: Radiation-hardened optical fiber;

Succeses and awadrs

• SME Instrument Phase 2, Horizon 2020, awarded in 2019
• SME Instrument Phase 1, Horizon 2020, awarded in 2016
• Initiator of Innovation, Newsweek Poland 2016
• Technology Fast 50, Central Europe Deloitte 2015
• Polish Innovation Award 2015
• Polish Inteligent Development Award 2016

Experience in Big Science projects

InPhoTech has a proven track in delivering innovative photonic solutions to the market. It has participated in numerous projects involving industrial and research institutes from various sectors, such as heavy industry, mining or space.
In its nearly a decade of existence, it has been involved in several projects and consortia, within national and transnational frameworks, such as the EC FP7 or the H2020. One of these examples is the ESA granted project for developing a system for continuous and distributed structural health monitoring of composite materials with embedded optical fibers.
Another highlight is the BEACON project, where InPhoTech developed a radiation resistant multicore fiber for optical amplifiers together with dedicated elements to integrate the multicore fiber with other systems on-board of telecommunication satellites.

Potential for cooperation

As a developer and manufacturer of optical fibres and photonics equipment, we envisage big potential in fiber-based monitoring equipment (e.g. for temperature, strain or deformation) that will be used in harsh or demanding environments where standard electronics cannot be implemented due to radiation or high temperatures.

Fiber optic distributed sensors bring advantage of continuous spatial distribution measurements regime where every single point of optical fibre deployed along (or embedded in) investigated infrastructure acts as a sensor and provides means of live control over operational performance.
We anticipate that optical fibre technology that can inherently be applied in temperatures extending beyond 700°C could be of great benefit to ITER, and we believe that InPhoTech would be the best partner for development and supply of such devices.

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