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Type: Company

Sector: Education and researchElectronicsIndustryITNew technologiesSpace sector

Specialisation: Application researchGeoinformation networks and technologiesIT systemsMechatronicsOpticOptoelectronicsR&D processesSatellite integrationSoftwareSpace equipmentSpace industry technologiesSystems and components for the space industry

Type of activity: ManufacturingOtherR&DServices

Country: Poland

Cooperation with Big Science: ESA

Main info

We are the Polish leader in terms of industrial cooperation with the European Space Agency, for which we develop dedicated products in the domain of electronics, optomechatronics and IT. Due to our experience in the development of space applications and services we can develop dedicated solutions in the domain of Satellite Earth Observations, Satellite Navigation (GNSS) and Crisis Management. We are also an official Polish distributor of satellite imagery and geoinformation products of Airbus Defence and Space satellite constellation.

Astri Polska specializes in the development and production of EGSE (Electric Ground Support Equipment) - the devices, which role is to test the electronic systems of the satellites and probes, before putting them into orbit. The solutions provided by the company plays an important role in the leading space programmes of European Space Agency, during the MAIT phases (Manufacture, Assembly, Integration Testing) of space projects. The company also produces the devices which role is to validate the ground stations responsible for communication with the satellites.

We have the ability to develop Real-Time Simulation Models (RTS) for the space applications. The role of RTS is to simulate the work of particular systems of the spacecraft, such as onboard computer or payload during the ground tests. The simulation models can work together with the dedicated electronic devices developed by the company.

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Astri Polska

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