BIG SCIENCE HUB is a platform integrating business and science, big science in particular. It is a place for entrepreneurs to find opportunities to make new contacts which may lead to new jobs or contracts, and where Big Science institutions may find reliable partners. It is also an opportunity for innovative companies to present their offers to potential partners (not only Big Science centres), investors or principals. For universities and scientific institutions, it is an occasion to present their potential to companies and to establish partnerships that may lead to the commercialisation of solution developed by their researchers.


BIG SCIENCE HUB is, above all, a chance for business and science to meet and to start cooperation to the benefit of both.


How to use the platform?


I. Join the base that connects business and science

For companies, universities, scientific institutions and business environment institutions, the BIG SCIENCE HUB base is an opportunity to present one’s own potential, find partners, employees or investors. Its purpose is to assist in establishing and building stable contacts that will result in specific contracts, profits and in the transfer of scientific innovations to business.


II. Find a partner

Are you looking for companies that cooperated with CERN? Do you need a subcontractor specialising in photovoltaics, having contacts on Asian markets? The BIG SCIENCE HUB base will help you find such a person. These two examples show that with the use of broadly-developed criteria that make it easier to browse the data base, you can find partners who will meet your exact expectations.



III. Monitor the announcements and tenders of Big Science centres

The task of the BIG SCIENCE HUB portal is to promote Polish science and business in institutions such as CERN, F4E, ITER, ESS, ESO or ESA, and to popularise cooperation with them among micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises. Not only do we show how to establish business relations with them, but we also inform of current tender procedures and requests for quotation.

How to cooperate with Big Science?



IV. Take part in events and remain up-to-date

The Big Science market in Poland is developing rapidly. Read the news on our website and take part in events that integrate business and science.



Wroclaw Technology Park is the initiator and coordinator of the platform.


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Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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