The regional sucess of Big Science

Cooperation with Big Science institutions benefits not only businesses and scientists, but also entire regions that are home to the events and enterprises related to Big Science.

Unlike any other economy sector, Big Science generates innovation on a massive scale. The more companies and scientific institutions involved in the cooperation with these institutions operate in a given area, the higher its research & development potential, which brings in new technologies and investment projects.

The collaboration between the companies based in those regions, universities and business environment institutions that are players in the Big Science market includes, translates into:


Opportunity for promotion

Successes achieved by local businesses, business environment institutions or universities, speak volumes about a given region, especially if they have a global resonance.


Boost for the local economy

Supporting the development of a high-tech sector in the region attracts investors, which opens up development opportunities for startups and SMEs.


Basis for developing smart, technology-related specialisations in the region

An EU programme for smart specialisations is based on a continuous dialogue between local authorities, businesses and scientific circles. The collaboration of administration with companies, universities and institutions related to Big Science will enhance the efficiency and the scale of their operations.


Expanding R&D infrastructure in the region

By supporting Big Science projects local authorities will increase the research and development potential of the entire region. It is sure to enhance its investment attractiveness.


The regions that will be included in the BIG SCIENCE HUB database may promote their projects aimed at supporting innovative business. The database is a great way to announce calls for applications for financing to businesses with a high potential, or open positions in the working groups responsible for implementing smart specialisations.



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