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Big Science organisations base their functioning and development on the collaboration with external suppliers of products and services related to technologically advanced R&D installations, infrastructure expansion and day-to-day operations of the centres with hundreds of employees. Big Science institutions’ collaboration with industry-specific high-tech vendors and their suppliers of products and services creates the Big Science market. This is how science and business work together and get integrated with a variety of industry sectors.


Big Science market is open – for whom?

Startups, SMEs and large enterprises have an opportunity to build their presence on the Big Science market. Entering into cooperation with centres such as  CERN, ESA, ESS or F4E may start as a university project (see Scanway –  Case Study link), the commercialisation of an existing technology of a Big Science institution (see the history of Techtra – Case Study link), or with the participation in consortia and the winning of tenders by companies originating from scientific projects (read more how Kriosystem achieved its success ).


For each of the companies the cooperation with Big Science is an opportunity to:

  • obtain greater profits from multi-billion budgets of Big Science institutions;
  • exchange the know-how related to specialist technologies;
  • establish enduring B2B contacts with potential clients or subcontractors;
  • expand business and technology horizons;
  • acquire knowledge and funds for commercialising science-related technologies (see an article on the impact of Big Science on the economy and daily life)


How to enter the Big Science market?

Join the BIG SCIECNE HUB and introduce yourself to potential business partners. Make use of the information we provide, get to know the terms of cooperation with Big Science institutions and find out how companies may flourish on the Big Science market.


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