CERN poszukuje dostawcy elementów do HL-LHC

Europejska Oragnizacja Badań Jądrowych ogłosiła, że poszukuje dostawcy elementów do HL-LHC (High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider). Badanie rynku dostawców będzie miało miejsce w IV kwartale 2018 roku.


Oryginalna treść ogłoszenia CERN:

MS-4486/TE/HL-LHC Supply of 600 bellow expansion joints of 10 different types for HL-LHC (06010100)

Description and/or Specific Condition:

CERN intends to place a contract for the supply of 600 bellow expansion joints of 10 different types, in the form of U-shape convolutions and in stainless steel, with inner diameters varying within a range of 40 mm to 150 mm, for HL-LHC. The supply includes the design, the production of documentation, the pre-series and series manufacturing, the cleaning, obtaining CE certification, fatigue test campaign, inspection and test, and individual packaging.

Interested firms shall have a proven experience and competence in the fabrication of metal bellows expansion joints for pressure applications comparable dimensions and complexity.

Market Survey scheduled for dispatch:

Fourth quarter 2018

Invitation to Tender scheduled to dispatch:

First quarter 2018

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