Primary CO2 refrigeration systems for ATLAS and CMS Experiments

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Market survey:  I kwartał 2020


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Primary CO2 refrigeration systems for ATLAS and CMS Experiments

CERN intends to place a contract for the supply, installation, test and commissioning of CO2 four modular refrigeration systems for two experiments ATLAS and CMS Experiments, with the following capacities: ATLAS 50 kW and 300 kW, for CMS 50 kW and 600 kW. The two smaller units shall be constructed during spring 2021, while the two bigger systems (composed of a number of modules having each of them the same size of the smaller units) shall be operational in October 2023. The installation will take place on the Swiss and French territory for ATLAS and CMS respectively.

Interested firms shall have a proven relevant competence and experience in CO2 trans-critical and subcritical refrigeration technologies based on natural refrigerants; industrial low temperature applications below -45°C and with a minimal cooling capacity of 50 kW and large customised skids mounted project for industrial refrigeration system.

Market Survey scheduled for dispatch:

First quarter 2020

Invitation to Tender scheduled to dispatch:

Second quarter 2020

Contacts and Interest in being contacted:

To express an interest please send an e-mail to
Technically: P. Hanf
Commercially: B. Jenssen


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