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European XFEL (X-ray Free-Electron Laser) will open up previously inaccessible areas of research phenomena processes occurring on Earth and in its nterior. With the help of superconducting resonators, beam electrons are accelerated to high energies, while the superconducting undulators  (specially arranged magnets) will cause the particles begin to emit X-rays. It will be more and more strengthened, until the rise of ultra short flashes (1/27 000 second) witch a capacity of billions of times greater than conventional X-ray sources. This will allow them to obtain three-dimensional images of the nano-scale, recording and study of chemical processes, study of viruses and cells, at the atomic level. This will benefit many areas of science, such as chemistry, astrophysics, biology, materials science, energy, electronics and nanotechnology.

The European X-ray Free-Electron Laser is an expensive proposition and its construction and commissioning will be 1.082 billion euro. This creates the same opportunity to develop new technologies and industries of countries participating in the project. This year (2012) will be used for the construction of more than 93 million euro.


Projekt „Wielka nauka – kolejny etap procesu transferu technologii” jest współfinansowany z Unii Europejskiej, Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Kapitał Ludzki.