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International Thermonuclear  Experimental Reactor ITER is the second, after the International Space Station, the most  expensive scientific experiment in the world. Its purpose is to show that it is possible to produce a large-scale fusion energy.  ITER will test all the key technologies needed to take the next step – creating a demonstration power  plant DEMO, which proves that the energy of the controlled fusion is the energy of the twenty-first century.

The attractiveness of fusion reactor for all  industrial enterprises  shows the planned distribution of more than 5.5 billion euro budget for ITER tokamak building between the different technologies.

Participation in the development of new technologies for ITER and in the supply of technology, products and services may be traditional companies in the construction, energy, metal, advanced materials engineering, IT, automation and many others. Assuming estimated on the basis of contributions paid to the budgets of other international organizations that indirectly Polish participation in the financing of the ITER budget is about 2.5% can be approximated that more than 5 billion euros, which will cost the construction of the reactor in Poland should be issued about 130 million. Assuming that the construction of the reactor will last about 10 years, the annual Polish delivery to ITER in Cadarache should be about 13 million.



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Projekt „Wielka nauka – kolejny etap procesu transferu technologii” jest współfinansowany z Unii Europejskiej, Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Kapitał Ludzki.